The New Teeny Suzuki ‘Samurai’ Trucklet Is Such A Marvellous Piece Of Art

Suzuki has launched a new teeny, tiny pickup van similar in shape to its new Jimny SUV which is a successor to the Samurai unveiled in 1995.

You would have thought that the New Ford Ranger was a small truck. However, the Suzuki Samurai is about the same size as the Jimny SUV, but the difference is, unlike the Jimny, it is truck.

The Jimny comprises of a body-on-frame construction, four-wheel-drive and a 100 hp four-cylinder engine.

Jimny SUV

Suzuki Jimny SUV


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Reviews for the back-to-basics truck have been generally enthusiastic. The Sierra Pick Up Style swaps the back seats and rear roof section for a bed and adds a light bar, retro white steel wheels with hubcaps and some sweet wood paneling on the sides. Imagine an emoji version of an old-school pickup and you get the idea.

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The new Suzuki Samurai trucklet will make its public debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon next week, but don’t go looking for at the Detroit Auto Show that follows. Suzuki stopped selling cars and trucks in the U.S. in 2012 and isn’t planning to start again anytime soon.

That may be good news to folks with lingering safety concerns brought about by the infamous Consumer Reports review (which led to a lawsuit and settlement between Suzuki and Consumers Union) because the new Jimny scored a mediocre 3 stars out of a possible 5 in European crash testing.

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