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Marriage is a great thing, but when living together involves having to put up with a partner’s gross habits for a long time, married life can tiring and frustrating. It is a universal rule that in every relationship, one person may get on the other’s nerve and vice versa. Partners are prone to quarrel and disagree. One party may have a habit that irritates the other, be it biting nails, staying creepily quiet or leaving that dirty underwear in the open.


And it is up to the other to either accept these quirks or get off the hook at the slightest chance. However, there are times when such habits are actually really ‘barefaced’ and ‘unacceptable’

A woman who is fed up with her husband’s unpleasant antics has revealed all the dreadful things he does in the bedroom, and people think this iniquitous habit is too much to bear.

In a post on Mumsnet, a user by name  Crossitch shared her distress and people were so quick to advice her to quit the relationship.

She wrote: I am going mad thinking my husband has some absolutely gross and unpleasant habits that I cannot stand it anymore but feeling like I am supposed to remember that no one is perfect.

“I have tried bringing these things up and talking to him nicely and also very firmly, but  I’ve  got nowhere with that. I’m too embarrassed to ask people in real life what they think  and I want to know, am I being unreasonable to be so annoyed? He is 31, we have been married for a year and his behavior only started going off after we got married”

Crossitch reveals that the one thing that really gets to her is her husband’s gross habit of seIf-pIeasuring.

“I am old enough and have enough experience with men, I understand it’s normal but he thinks it is OK to just w*** it off in the  bedsheets when I am out” she lamented.

“I came back and noticed a pungent smell, sat down on the  bed and realized my hands were on a damp patch.

“He kept doing it even after I complained. Rather, he got really ratty saying it was impossible I could know, and started accusing me of sniffing the bedsheets, this is really gross.

“I definitely wasn’t imagining it”

As if that was not bad enough,  she went on to explain how her partner leaves laundry all over the floor, leaves mountains of plates in the sink, throws tea bags at the freshly painted wall and doesn’t quite shower enough.

And when she couldn’t stand it anymore and confronted him over the issues,  he yelled: “I don’t like being told what to do!”

Worse of all, she claims her husband doesn’t enjoy spending quality time with her. Instead of some ‘romantic cuddle time’, he prefers to watch  YouTube videos and read all evening.

She added: “I really don’t understand what’s going on. I’ve tried to ask him very tactfully if there’s a problem, he gets annoyed and insists there isn’t.

“I tried suggesting counselling but he went ballistic so I don’t think that’s an option. Sometimes I feel I’m even detecting a hint of dislike/contempt for me but I have no idea why. I feel like I’m dealing with an angry teenage boy and I don’t know how I didn’t pick up on all of this sooner.

“Please help, I’m loosing my marbles!”

Mumsnet users shared their shock at her woeful story and many had the same piece of advice to offer – leave him.

One said: “What positives are there? He sounds a nightmare and I can’t see what you’re getting from the relationship, sorry.”

Another commented: “Leave. As quick as you can. As bloody quick as you can. The future there is grim.”

“I couldn’t live like this. He sounds emotionally abusive, and disgusting. I’d be running for the hills, you deserve better,” exclaimed a third.

A fourth added: “I hope you haven’t got children with this a***hole. If not, instigate divorce proceedings now because it’s only going to get worse. Poor you.”


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