She thought that people would agree with her.

But she didn’t find many who share her view on Mumsnet where she had shared the message about her horrifying situation. Most people rather think she is being ridiculous.

The woman, who shared her story anonymously, revealed that her 24-year-old daughter has just finished a masters course.

She is now in a relationship with her tutor, who was her personal supervisor during the course and is 30 years old.

The mum wrote: “She keeps saying that nothing happened until after she got her results so nothing inappropriate, now they are both adults who just happened to meet each other etc.

Asides the inappropriety, she thinks the age gap is too tremendous.

“Even leaving aside the age gap, I think that is completely inappropriate for a tutor to even look at a student in that way, never mind to start dating them afterward.

“There obviously must have been some flirtatious relationship between them when she was his student for them to start dating so soon after, which I think is horrifying.

“Is that unreasonable?”

However, if she was seeking a reassurance, she ended up a bit disappointed as most of the people who replied to her plea for advice actually expressed a contrasting opinion.

The mum is worried her daughter has made the wrong decision.

One told her she was being “very unreasonable”, saying: “There is only a 6 year age gap and nothing happened while she was her supervisor.

“They will have lots in common and like the same things so it sounds like a great match!”

Another accused her of being “ridiculous” as her daughter is 24, and not 14.

Many of the replies pointed at the fact that the age gap was minimal and she was a postgraduate, not an undergraduate – which made it slightly less weird.

One of the commenters saw where she was coming from, writing: “It’s a bit creepy but they are close in age and he’s not her tutor any more so I think you have to let it be.”

Another wrote: “I’m not far off your daughter’s age and I’d be mortified if my mother thought she had a say in my love life!

“They are both adults and it’s barely an age gap. Don’t push her away by lecturing her on this.”

Other mums agreed that she might ruin her relationship with her daughter if she told her how she felt about it.

What do you think? Is the mum being ridiculous, or is she right to be concerned about her daughter’s dating life?

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