Big boss 12 contestant Anup Jalota have revealed that he has no feelings for Jasleen Matharu and that they have never been in a relationship at all.

He further blames Jasleen for all the relationship fiasco! Anup Jalota said that Jasleen Matharu lied about their relationship in Bigg Boss 12.

An the Internet has been buzzling about the two celebrities, ever since Anup Jalota made the startling revelation.

Jasleen was quite troubled and upset when she found about it. She said she couldn’t take it out of her mind.

Anup held a press conference where he spoke about him and Jasleen at length along with her father, Kesar Matharu. He says, “Jasleen has come to me saying that she is getting a chance to participate in Bigg Boss but she needs a partner. After a long conversation, we decided to go together as a teacher-student Jodi and we signed the contracts.”

“A week before the show began; she was called to the Bigg Boss outhouse for some training. And she wasn’t allowed to use her phone so there was no way to get in touch with her. But it didn’t matter much to me then since everything was decided between us. On the premiere day, after my performance, I met Salman Khan and he praised me before asking who has come with me. I told him that my student, Jasleen, has come with me when he said that she has a different story to tell. She came and said that she is in a relationship with me and I was shocked. I was wondering how the story changed so suddenly because there was no truth to it,” he says.

“We didn’t have the time to clarify or talk about it so I decided to go with the flow till the time we are in the house.”

The most amusing piece about the press conference is the part where Anup agreed to do Jasleen’s kanyadaan with Jasleen’s father, Kesar.

But watching Anup and Jasleen’s story on the premier, something seems very off about the press conference. Anup himself had revealed then that he was in love Jasleen. The fiasco is just started, let’s wait and see how Jasleen reacts.


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