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Every woman wants a man with a six-packed muscular trunk, and we are not arguing this fact. However, it has been found that there is a demarcation between how women fantasize their men to look like and who actually ‘does IT better’. Recent studies have found that men with big bellies make better lovers.

While he may not have the most attractive physique upon first glance, a man with a sizable belly may turn out to be quite a pleasant surprise in other ways – according to a research carried out in Turkey.

Thinking the other way, it can be nice to have a little extra cushion for cuddling, right?

Contrary to popular notions about how indolent plus-size men can be, a new study has concluded that overweight men with obvious bellies last longer in bed than their slender counterparts.

A group of researchers who have dedicated to finding answers to life’s big problems studied the BMI and se×uaI performance of 100 men seeking help for se×uaI dysfunctions contrasted against 100 men who reported no problems.

And the results were found to be startling, so to speak. Men with a higher BMI and, yes, protruding guts, lasted an average of 7.3 minutes where the slender group could barely hold for 2 minutes.

A five-minute difference makes it over three times as long, and is pretty significant. In fact, the researchers found skinnier guys more likely to suffer from premature letting-off than plus-size men.

In essence, the guy from your gym that you’ve been drooling over for months could actually be way worse in bed than a roly-poly, who is much less toned and muscled. And that may come as a bit of a disappointment if you had some extreme expectations because indeed, he looked hot.

At the first impression, this might seem contrary to what common sense would suggest. The pen!s is often referred to as the gauge of a man’s health, so those at a healthier weight should normally be able to hold on for longer. However, Scientists say it is more complicated than that.

More belly fat, they say, infers the man in question is housing more of the femaIe se× hormone estradi0I, which helps to inhibit 0rgasm. The researchers even went so far as to say that men with less masculine bodies have the upper hand in holding out than a guy who is buff, like, say, a Ryan Reynolds body double.

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