Most times when we talk of ‘attractiveness’, we are referring to the looks of a woman. Yet we all know that not only men feel stimulated by attractive women. There are things about men that attract women too.

Let’s face it, not all men are born with good looks and charm. But the fact that you are aren’t that charming or good looking shouldn’t deem you to forever be a loner.

Although its hard to tell what makes someone attractive or not, as it varies from person to person. However, researchers have dug in to find some of the factors that make men more appealing to women – and they are quite simple.


Here are some science-backed ways that will help boost your chances in the dating field.

Dress on red

Dress on red

Wear red

A 2010 study found that women are most attracted to men wearing bright colors. The color Red stands out in a crowd – and also in the minds of women.

The research analyzed participants from China, England, Germany, and the US. It was found that female undergrads rated photographs of men wearing red shirts significantly higher in attractiveness as compared to the same men in a green shirt.

Not surprising though, Dating experts have also established that women who are dressed in red also appear more attractive to the male folks.

Present yourself as classy

Man classy

Look classy

Classiness is one of the major reasons why women fall so easily for men in cars. Men who appear well-to-do sure have a higher attractive rating from women.

In 2010, a study from the University of Wales Institute found men pictured with a silver Bentley Continental GT were rated as more attractive by women than those with a red Ford Fiesta.

In the same vein, it’s not only about cars, men with Luxury apartments have also been rated by women as more attractive — according to another study conducted by Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Workout some muscle

Muscle man

Grow some muscle

Evidently, women prefer strong-looking men and recently multiple studies have confirmed this assertion.

Researchers at Griffith University in Queensland found that women mostly preferred men who looked physically strong as opposed to weak-looking.

This the reasearchers found is likely reminiscent of the survival instincts of our ancestors, which made them come to a conclusion that women choose men based on “ancestral cues of a man’s fighting ability.”

Be athletic and go extreme

Extreme sports

Extreme sports

Apparently, women admire a muscular athletic body build, but Psychology explains that it’s way more than that.

Researchers from the University of Alaska at Anchorage found that women are attracted to men who take “hunter-gatherer risks.”

The current day variations may not include hunting for buffalo or gathering wood for fuel – instead, extreme sports are enough evidence that shows remnants of our ancestor’s preferences. In essence, the higher the adrenaline and sweatiness, the higher the attractive rating by women.

Don’t hide any scars


Show your scars

A life of strength, courage and extreme sportiness can never go without injuries. Injuries leave scars and as we might all think, scars make us appear less attractive. But that’s to the converse. A 2009 research has established that women are rather attracted to men who have scars.

In the study, digitally manipulated images of men showing facial scars were ranked as more attractive by women.

But that is not to say you should go roughing-up, piercing-up and inscribing bizarre tattoos. The bad-boy persona isn’t necessarily a trait women look for in a long-term relationship.

Researchers found that women considered the scars more attractive to men only on the basis of short-term relationships.

Grow a beard

Bearded man

Grow a beard

Beards may not be the real evidence of manliness. But facial hair is a fool-proof method of increasing attention from the opposite se×.

This finding comes from a 2013 study where researchers analyzed four facial hair conditions: clean-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble, or full beard and found that heavy stubble was the most attractive.

The authors explained the reason heavy stubble beats out a clean-shaven face is that: “Facial hair correlates not only with maturity and masculinity but also with dominance and aggression.

Be humorous and work on your sense of humor


Be humorous

Relationships that last long are firstly friendships. And what do friends do? They bring out the best in each other. Friends make each other laugh or say funny things that induce humor.

They say Laughter is the best medicine, and multiple studies have proven that women are attracted to men who can make them laugh. Having a good sense of humor can also be a bonus especially if you don’t scuba-dive or if you fail to grow a beard.

Learn to balance your jokes between the two extremes of being too benign — hence boring, and being too offensive. The only way to get perfect at this is through hard, repetitive and empirical practice.

Love may be blind to whether you have a good sense of humor or not. On the other hand, being funny boosts your chances of taking a casual date to the next level.

Look for someone with a similar nature


Appearance isn’t everything, and it certainly isn’t the most important factor that sparks-up a romantic flame. Scientists at Nottingham Trent University have found that people tend to seek out mates who are similar in attractiveness.

Psychologist Mark Sergeant told The Independent: “If you go for someone roughly equal to you in attractiveness, it avoids two things. If they are much better-looking than you, you are worried about them going off and having affairs. If they are much less attractive, you are worried that you could do better.”

Researches at the University of California at Berkeley, in a study also backed up the above hypothesis. They found online dating site users to receive more responses from others who are of equal attractive nature.

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