Birthdays are great days specially meant for everything fun and joyful. I would say it is one of those days in a person’s life that they feel like Kings, Queens, Princes or Princesses. It may not be about what you do or do not do on your birthday, the feeling though inexpressibly enthusiastic, varies from person to person.

As popularly conveyed;

Birthdays are great days

Birthdays are fun days

Birthdays are happy days (more reason why you are told “happy birthday” on your birthday)

Birthdays are joyous days


There is no denying of these facts, but the feeling turns sour when the celebration of one person makes another realize what they’ve been denied.

Let’s clearly take this birthday imagination to be a totally real scenario.

The loved ones and family of the birthday girl took the celebration to the orphanage where at least 100 orphans with a little or no parental love showered on them are. Birthday girl was dressed in a very beautifully coloured dress like a princess; a mini princess crown and lots of jewels. Gifts from all angles were showered on her. All possibilities to make her feel like a goddess were 99% available to her.

Cutting the cake, she was overjoyed and you could rightly spot that on her facial and bodily expression. Although it’s only an imagination, this whole thing is totally realistic; parents have been doing it and it is still being done.

Now there are the orphans whom this birthday celebration was supposed to bring joy and happiness.

As if forced, they sang the birthday songs with little or no emotions. Assuming the birthdays come only on Sundays, when perhaps they are supposed to be free and wake up whenever they liked, to play all through the day with no academic or routinely activities, instead they are disturbed by strangers who come to celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries every Sundays.

The orphans in their hearts of hearts wished they were her (birthday girl) but it can only be a wish. Photos, Gifts and Gift cards from all angles just for the birthday princess alone. For the orphans; no one celebrates their birthdays for them.

They are only given gifts and chocolates, no doubt about them being happy to have received chocolates and food from the celebrants, it doesn’t change the obvious that the larvish and the spoils on the birthday girl leave them with the thoughts and pains of all they’ve been denied.

Celebrating our birthdays is awesome, but celebrating at the orphanage makes the orphans feel even more orphan than they already are. I think; instead of celebrating your birthday or your child’s birthday with the orphans at the orphanage, celebrate the orphans’ birthdays with them.

Find a day to show them love, it mustn’t be on your happy day – like a birthday. 

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