Rings are precious jewelry that comes in different material forms; gold, silver, diamond, name them. Couples’ engagement and marriages are never complete without rings. Since the 20th century and progressively till date, rings are used to authenticate couple’s engagement and endorse marriages.

Here is the quest!

Many have asked, many are still asking and more will also ask; I was in a gathering a few weeks ago where couples and singles alike were present. Several questions related to marriages and relationships were raised and answered during the hangout, and surprisingly one simple but thoughtful question was asked too that captured my attention. I listened keenly, interested in learning from the answer, but a suitable answer was never produced, at least not the type I was expecting. Now the question is:



Yes, I know you may have guessed right. “Why is it that only single ladies and not men wear engagement rings?” Very often, this question is asked on the internet and social media with little or no satisfying answers given to it. Perhaps, this blog post should rest your thoughts.


There are many reasons as to why ladies are the ones who put on engagement rings. Some reasons are cultural, others traditional or even due to civilization.  But all these reasons put together add up to why engagement rings are worn by ladies: In simple and less complicated expressions, here are some of the reasons why single ladies wear engagement rings and not single men.



The role of De Beers in making engagement rings popular cannot be overemphasized. In the bid to increase sales and profits during the 20th Century, De Beers aggressively engaged in a marketing campaign; and funny as it may sound, it is true that they made it look too imperative for a man who truly loves his lady to present her with a ring, not just any ring; but a diamond ring. That being said, there was no corresponding campaign compelling single ladies to do same for whatever reason, so no one saw it from the other end, not for once; and if by chance anyone did, it was never publicized.



Not only limited to the Western world, globally men are said to wear or possess a relatively small amount of jewelry and some men don’t wear any. Watches are also jewelry and a good percentage of men wear them. And even the lot that does wear watches are still minute compared to the larger percentage of women who wear so many fashionable accessories. Wristwatches constitute less than 5% of jewelry, which is a small negligible fraction. And watches though, jewelry are primarily a useful accessory for telling time. Men who wear much jewelry for fashion are mostly rappers and entertainers. Rather than seeing a man wear an engagement ring, a lady wears it instead to support ladies’ fashion pursuit. A man who loves his lady buys her an engagement ring so she can join her female counterparts in showing off her sophistication.


Generally, men are said to 98% of the entire time initiate a conversation with a lady, ask her out and eventually start up the connection which leads to a relationship. At any given time, men are said to bear the shoulder on which the union between a man and a woman lays. Traditionally, one could say the man owns the lady; in traditional settings where one man marries more than one wife, these wives are seen as the property of the man who marries them. An Engagement ring given to the lady in this essence aside portraying love, tells the public that the lady with the diamond engagement ring is taken and owned; therefore she is unavailable.


Kneeling with an engagement ring before a lady you love, you asked; “will you marry me?” How wonderful, she said “YES”. That is good enough, but here is the engagement ring on the middle finger of her left hand to assure you that “YES” she has made up her mind that among all men, she has decided to spend the rest of her life with you. The engagement ring is to seal and assure you that there is an agreement in that regard.   Several other reasons why single ladies wear engagement rings abound and different cultures and traditions may have their own ways of going about it. Tell us yours if it’s any different from these via the comment box and while doing so, always check back for more reasons. We’ll keep you updated!

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