Life is not a fairytale. Every success story was written with sweat, determination and hard work. We all have to encounter challenges and may slip-up from time to time. Recall at the beginning of every year, we all pen down a list of new year’s resolutions to keep us on the right track. Initially, it is easy to piously adhere to these new set of resolutions. But after a short time, we develop low-spirits, wander off and lose our way.


You hit the gym in earnest for a few weeks, begin working on your long term relationship or life goals or start following through with a healthier diet plan. But only to suddenly break it up with a binge, get distracted by a side romance or wasting of valuable time on unnecessary side distractions.

Nevertheless, you must understand that the hiccups you are having or mistakes you have made do not make you a failure. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are only human and all humans are prone to err. Even the most successful people at some point had low spirits and wondered off the track too. The difference is, they fought hard to motivate themselves towards their set goals. They worked hard to get back on the right track.


In every life story there are always hurdles that seem impossible to overcome. To get over these obstacles and navigate smoothly to success, you must develop better strategies. Here are ten strategies that can help get your life back on track.

Recall your dreams



Growing up, everyone had a dream. What happened to that dream? At what point do we topple off the road to actualizing our childhood dreams. Dreams make who we are inside, not who the world have changed us into. You may be thinking it is no longer possible or it’s too late. But recalling that dream you once had would help you to remember who you truly are. Get yourself back doing what you love doing. I once had a friend Peter who was obsessed with football as a kid, studied law in the university but later made a decision to be a sports writer, and he is pretty good at it. You don’t have to necessarily pick up your boots at 35 and reacquaint yourself with playing football, but you can do something else that is very much related to what you had earlier dreamt of becoming.

Develop a strategy, set goals and deadlines


Set goals

Having realized what your dreams are in life, now you need a plan and a strategy to execute that plan. A strategy is a step by step detailed description of how you are going to get things done. Set short-term, long-term and medium term goals in executing your strategy. Also while planning, do not forget to take into account existing barriers, resources – both human and material, time and other vital attributes.

  • Develop a routine
  • Stick with your schedule

Take a risk by investing time and other resources

Risk it

Take a risk, invest your time wisely and make every minute count. Rather than work for someone, you can grow your own business and employ others to work for you. It only takes a while. The immediate gratification you get from working for someone can be juicy, but working for yourself and having others work for you is much more assuring. Stay positive, be optimistic and worry about the right things. Set a goal and invest your time in working hard to accomplish that goal.

  • Use time to create success, not failure.
  • Set your priorities

Look back at the progress you have made so far

Check progress made

There are times you will feel that you have worked so hard but yet to achieve your set goals. Then you may feel like giving up, switching career, getting a new job or starting an entirely new business. You start thinking or wondering why it’s taking so long when it took others a relatively short time to hit the mark. At times like this, you have to look back and examine the progress you have made so far. If you view more closely again, you’ll find that most overnight successes take a long time. Looking back will help you realize where you were in the past and the huge leaps you have made to arrive at this point. This will motivate you to put in more effort and be more optimistic about the future.


Always give every task your best shot

Aim at your target

However unimportant a task may seem, give it your best shot. If you are not willing to give it your best, then you better don’t even start. And when the desired results don’t come, you can still do better.
There will come a time when it would seem like you are stuck. Obstacles, challenges and difficulties would try to hold you to ransom, but you just don’t give up. Giving up at this time is synonymous to failing. You never know how close to success you may be.

Believe that you can

Believe in your abilities

Dreaming big is easy, but putting in the required effort to live that dream is the most difficult thing to do. In order to succeed, we must first have that belief that we CAN. We can do anything but only if we believe. It is only our belief that can project us tenaciously towards our dream.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.
Colin Powell

Be proud of your success.

Rethink your strategy

Think in the future

The world is not static. Things are constantly evolving and you must adjust your mindset to think along with the current times. Your current strategy may be working quite well but who says it cannot be better. Think not only in the present but what the future is likely to look like.

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