Every woman wants a stable relationship where all her needs are fulfilled. In fact women get jealous and heartbroken when they find their partner cheating or not being true to them. So it is normally expected that the more nice and faithful a woman is, the longer her relationship would last. In the real sense, this seems not to be the case. Good and loyal women also get cheated on, are abused, used and dumped just like any other side-chick.


Some guys are natural born ‘players’. Even a pretty, submissive and loyal woman may not change their game of getting in and moving to the next available target.

Also, loyal and faithful women often trust too easily. This makes them more vulnerable to fall for the wrong guys who end up using and dumping them.

With all these evidences, the very many different notions and assertions that faithful and loyal women are more likely to get used and dumped seems like a truism.

The question is WHY? Why do some guys tend to take nice and faithful women for granted? What are the attributes that loyal ladies possess that are unattractive to some men? Why are good faithful women not getting the relationships they deserve?

Here may be some of the reasons.

1. Loyal women are too submissive

He considers you to be cheap because he always gets what he wants at any time. An unfaithful man takes a loyal woman like a prize he has won already. She will never leave. She is a bank of love, care and satisfaction he can tap into at any time. So he keeps on adventuring for more prizes till you become relegated. He feels there is no need fighting so hard for what he has already got.

2. Faithful women have a higher tendency to nag

The more faithful and loyal a woman is, the more she will verbally express herself and the higher tendency for her to engage in nagging. In any case, because she is so faithful, she has only her partner to relay her feelings to. Men hate this nagging character in women.

3. She is too clingy/needy of affection

A woman who is clingy and in need of so much affection from her man should be something good. Nevertheless this feeling should not be one-sided. If he does not feel the same way, then he will probably flee from instead.

4. Loyal women appear to be too desperate

She is often real to the core. Since there is no other person to even think about than her partner, the whole burden of her feelings all lies on her partner. This makes her appear too desperate. A woman who seems to be too desperate is never good enough for any man.

5. She is too available

Sometimes the best way to prove your worth to a man is to make yourself as scarce as possible. Men are generally adventurous. They value more that which is far beyond their reach and hard to get.

6. No competition from other men

This is so factual. He is likely to value her more and get serious with the relationship if he senses other guys trying to compete for her attention. But if she is so faithful to a fault, then he is probably going to take her for granted.

7. Faithful women are too forgiving

Forgiveness is the key to overcoming resentment in relationships but never forgive a man before he serves his penance.
If he comes to realize that he can do whatever and still come back to the same bed unhindered, then he will sure keep hurting you over and over again.


There is no doubt that you are pretty, intelligent, nice and have always been loyal and faithful in your relationships. But these are no criteria that guarantees that you will never to be taken for granted or dumped by your partner. All your good attributes mean nothing if he is not the right person for you. You may still get dumped for no just reason you can think of.

Don’t blame yourself if you never did anything wrong but he still left you. He just isn’t the right one for you. Rather, refocus your energy more on finding the right person that is meant for you. He may be right in front of you, all you need to do is pay attention.

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