Do you have a feeling that your relationship is stagnating and not heading anywhere? Are you having quarrels, disagreements or fights everyday or do you feel that your partner is drifting away?

When you still have strong feelings for your partner, he seems to have some feelings for you too, but things suddenly are not going at the speed you want, then something is definitely not right. The flame that kept your relationship glowing needs to be rekindled.

The world is such a dynamic and competitive place. We are all constantly in search of something more fun and interesting. So it is quite normal for us to want to dispose off easily a relationship that has developed a few snags. It is only after we may have moved on that we realize we are faced with a new set of problems again which we have to overcome. No relationship is perfect. We should focus on putting in effort to make our relationship work than trading blames.

Here are some ways to rekindle or reignite that love spark in your relationship so as to keep it burning hot.

1. Ask them on a date like you did the first time

Think about that charm you used the first time that worked, use it again or try something similar, new or different. In any case, constantly charm your partner with something impressive. The reassurance that you have never lost a bit of your feelings for them keeps your love waxing strong.

2. Forget routines, Do something different

Most couples unconsciously get into routines without even knowing. You go to work, come back, cook a meal, watch a show by 9 and go to bed. These routines could be so predictably boring. Why not surprise your partner by planning out something out of the ordinary. You can choose to spend your weekend out of town or try some hiking or sport-fishing. You don’t have to worry so much, the kids can do a day or two without you.

3. Inject more romance

It takes nothing to type a flirtatious text message and send to your partner at a random hour Or tell them how good they look and you can’t wait to get beneath the c0vers. If you are wondering what made your relationship so much fun in the beginning, then its such free talk. Don’t be so timid. Free yourself, get close, get touchy, smile more and get a little naugh7y with words.

4. Go on a vacation together

Always finding excuses why you cannot have an exclusive time with your partner is sure going to have devastating effects on your relationship. A vacation away from from the world you are used to is all you need to reignite that shared bond you have.

5. Kiss and tell them you love them more

A simple kiss and the three word sentence I LOVE YOU could lead to something much more. They know you love them quite alright but they still want to hear it. Say and do it more. It sure works like magic.

6. Go out of your way to please them

You could once in a while sacrifice your pleasure to please your partner. For example, Thinking of the perfect place to go for the weekend? You may not like clubbing and your partner may not be interested in watching a live football match. Comprise for once to please them.

7. Get them a priceless gift

Gifts are magical, it goes a long way to show how much you love a person. Get your partner a random or cute Valentine gift that will make them awe. Here are some gift ideas you may want to consider.