Why do we love so much but all of a sudden lose interest?

Falling in love seems easy. All that is required is an exquisite visual and some sweet sounding vocals. But falling out of love is much easier.

Today you may be so in love with a person but in a short while lose interest in that same person you once loved so much. It feels so complicated, the reasons you can hardly tell.

We are all attracted by what we see or what we hear and encouraged by how we feel. These are the three cardinal pillars that sparks-up a friendship which may lead to a relationship.

It is very natural to have a deep liking for someone you just met for the first time. Sometimes you fall in love instantly with people’s personality by just listening to them. At other times, our reasons for falling in love are unexplainable.

The feelings initially may be basic, gradually it grows and become intense, developing into a relationship or even marriage. But not all relationships with a magnificent starting point survive up till the end. Most are short-lived. People change so also does the way we feel about them. In time, you may discover that you have lost the feelings you once had for that special person who used to be like the heartbeat of your emotions.

This is why you should take your time before getting into any relationship or intimate partnership.

The worst way a relationship could ever end is not by the usual blowout, disappointment and tears. Its when neither you nor your partner have no explanation for why things went sour.

One or both of you may be having feelings of regret. Normally you’d try to blame yourself especially if you still miss them but it was never solely your fault. There may be other factors that may have contributed to make you lose interest in someone.

Here are some reasons why people suddenly lose interest in a relationship.

1. It wasn’t love after all

Countless times we have heard people advise use to take our time and not just jump into a relationship because we feel intensely attracted to that one person. Only time can tell the difference between a true feeling of love and just an infatuation.

2. They have a different priority

Someone who is still striving hard to build a career or achieve his aspirations or goals in life is somehow married to those goals. Except you both are on the same page, it can never work out.

3. They are still glued to something in the past

Fear is not good for relationships. Past relationship experiences influence the way a person takes his new relationship. If he or she gets the slightest clue that the relationship is going the former way, they would naturally lose interest.

4. They are afraid of a commitment

Some people are afraid of a commitment for some obvious reasons (Read more). They just want to keep enjoying the freedom of bachelorhood. If a relationship appears to be going that way, they just find excuses to break away.

5. They are confused

Put yourself in the shoes of a woman who has to choose between a financially stable but not too good looking guy, a poor but handsome and caring guy or two very similar nice guys. Some people just get confused as to what they really want. This confusing often results to a lose of interest.

6. They are probably struggling with other hassles

Other life struggles sometimes take a position of priority on a person’s mind. They may be so preoccupied by these other things that their relationship becomes secondary.

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