Be it a first date, Valentine’s date or just a special time out with that special person close to your heart, a date should have a memorable imprint on both you and your partner’s minds.

But how do you make a date memorable?

For a first date, a good first impression is often expected. You should be on the best of your game. If she really enjoys your company, she’ll want to hang out with you one more time. And if she don’t, then you may as well flake off that crushy-feeling. She probably ain’t coming back.

A Valentine’s date however may be either a first or just one date in a long string of dates. How then do you make it stand out to be a special, unique and unforgettable experience for your girlfriend?

Here are some tips to making her date night special and memorable

1. Call her First thing in the morning

This gives the impression you really miss her and can’t wait for 7’pm. If she was still at the borderline between choosing to go out with you or catching up with girlfriends, this call will be the sure game changer for you.

2. Call to remind her one hour before your scheduled time

She is probably tensed, taking a risk to ditch her girlfriends or that special family reunion dinner for you. A need of reassurance that the plan hasn’t changed is only natural. Putting a call through to her at this time is so much re-energising.

3. Be at her place on time to pick her up

Don’t let her hop a taxi if you want your date to be perfect, special and memorable. If you don’t have a ride, borrow one.

4. Wait patiently, Don’t Complain

She would want to appear perfect just for you, getting to her place on time wouldn’t even change a bit of this fact. Give her space, act at ease after all she is taking all that time to look perfect just for you.

5. Compliment her dress sense as soon as she steps out

Imagine a woman taking all that time to fix herself and then you act as if you don’t even notice? (Read why women take long hours to get ready) She would instantly feel dejected. Tell her how great and perfect she appears. Its an esteem booster and makes things a lot more easier for you.

6. Take her to a place she has never been before

She might have been out on dates with different guys to probably the popular hangout places in town. These places may trigger-off some not-too-good memories which are capable of ruining your special date. A place she’s never been portrays something new, special and different.

7. Let her do most of the talking

Every woman wants a listening man. Start the conversations but pay keen attention to her views if you want to make your date special and memorable.

8. Spice-up the conversation

Leave out all the boring work-talk, converse about something more fun and interesting. You can go a bit naughty to drive some humour. Don’t be too rigid or formal.

9. Let her know how much you enjoyed her company

This requires a perfect timing to get a best impression. Should be after pulling over and she’s about to step out of the car or after an exhausting after-date-acrobatics. At any time, don’t let her be the first to say the words.

10. Surprise her with a priceless gift

Right when she is thinking she’s had it all, cap a special date with a priceless gift. Its should never be about the price tag, some gifts actually cost nothing but yet are priceless. (Here some gift options you may want to consider).

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