Have you ever pulled-up in front of her apartment, she answered your call, asked for a minute but only showed up 1 hour 30 minutes later? Or you have a date all planned, arrived on time but she only showed up when you were trying to order a third round. Ninety percent of the time I heard a car horn beep so hard at early hours in the neighbourhood was because a man got impatient with his wife or girlfriend taking too much time to get ready.


No man on earth can confidently say he has never been kept waiting by a lady more than once in his lifetime. It is just the nature of most, if not all women to take a couple of hours just to take a shower and get ready.

I had to interview a couple of women to find out what makes them take so long. Many who volunteered to speak gave slightly contrasting reasons.

Here are some of the reasons why she takes so much time to get ready

Difficulty in making a choice of outfit

A man’s choices are far less limited when it comes to wears. He may go with a long sleeved shirt or sweaters with casual jeans, sneakers boots, a suit tie with corporate shoes, or a traditional robe. It all depends on the occasion. But all these wears are already pre-selected.

To a woman, it is a different game entirely. Most women find the process of deciding what to wear to work stressful. They fear that they may look awkward or their dress sense may appear inappropriate.

Women have more options to make when it comes to wears or fashion and they take it more seriously. A woman is always in constant search of what to wear. The more her options, the longer it would take her to make a selection. An average woman takes about 10 to 15minutes just to make a decision on which outfit better suits for a simple occasion. It would take up to an hour if the occasion is a special (once in a lifetime) one. She may take weeks to do some shopping and up to 30 minutes to have a peek of herself in the mirror.

Every woman wants to look attractive

Majority of men dress solely to look smart and clean while Women dress basically to look attractive to men and their fellow women. This is no prima facie but an established fact. Women love to look best when they appear in public so its no need asking why they take a lot of time to get ready. This may actually come as a surprise to you but a study carried out by investigators and reported by Daily Mail Online found that women spend an astonishing five months of their working life just deciding what to wear. The survey which interviewed over 2000 women reveals the average woman spends an hour and a half a week amounting to 3 days every year and almost 20 weeks between the ages of 18 to 65 picking and dropping wears.

90% of Women believe they wouldn’t look that attractive without makeup

I have read of celebrities who spend as much as  $500 on make-up just for a day. In fact has it that it would cost $1,200 in products to get Kim Kardashian’s finished look. Seriously! A guy who reads this would be thinking she is just being extravagant. But I tell you, all women take their make-up kits very seriously. My girlfriend once told me she would do the same if she has that much money, I nearly freaked out.

A lady’s makeup routine is not as simple  and straightforward  as many men assume it should be. It involves a whole lot of routines that must be strictly adhered to. Lining the eye corners, lengthening the lashes, defining the brows are just part of the EYE routine. There is usually a SKIN, EYES, BROWS, LIP, HAIR and NAILS. She would rather be late than miss one of her make-up routines. Although the time women take to complete all basic 6 routines differs from individual, some women may take as much as 1hour.

Lets just blame whoever invented the mirror

A research by The Today Show found that an average woman spends 55 minutes everyday looking at herself in the mirror. This amounts to 335 hours or two weeks a year. In essence She spends two whole weeks working on her appearance.


Its good to look good. In fact these days, the good looks of a woman mean a lot more to many than her inner character. However, taking too much time on yourself while neglecting other aspects of your life would never amount to any good. It would interest you to know that the little details you work so hard to fix on yourself even go unnoticed. Sometimes the most important thing is not even how you appear but who you are and what you can offer intellectually or otherwise. Try not to keep people waiting. If you work to perfect your routines, you will surely take less time to get ready.

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