Single women are not hard to spot. They are all over the city pretending to be in a relationship. In fact, the prettier and successful a woman is, the higher chance she is single and available.


Men tend to apply too much logic in everything but when it comes to women, we get confused. A girl smiling and being flirty with everyone may as well be single and available but a logical man would come to the conclusion that she’s not. He just assumes a girl that pretty and who meets that number of men on a daily basis, would have been taken a long time ago. In the end when every man thinks the same way, no one approaches her.


signs that may indicate she is still single and available

No matter how a woman tries to pretend that she is off the market, some obvious signs may still give her up.

1. She adores other couples but the smile never lasts long.

This is a normal reaction, oh see how cute they are together,  how I wish I had such a relationship. But her smile changes abruptly to sadness.

2. She is single and available if she talks freely to every guy.

Single ladies are always in need of company. They tend to be more open to casual friendships since their minds are not preoccupied with those boyfriend thoughts.

3. She frequently makes eye contact

Eye contact and attraction go hand in hand. This is the simplest way women use to show guys that they are interested. If you frequently catch her gaze across the room or she makes frequent eye contact while having a group discussion, then that’s the sign.

4. If she’s always out with girlfriends, she may be still single and available.

This usually is the case most of the time. No one wants to be alone. If she is always hanging out with her girlfriends, it could be she’s in desperate need of company.

5. She never answers the question

Ask her if she’s single and examine her response. Most ladies don’t want to be seen as desperate. If she doesn’t want to talk about it, she’s probably single or in a complicated relationship.

6. Replies your messages almost immediately

This is an obvious fact. A girlfriend who always timely replies your messages may not be only single and available but also in love with you.

7. She’s talkative

Everyone needs someone they trust to just give them a listening ear. A woman who is single is lonely. When she has no one she can trust with her inner feelings, she usually becomes talkative to everyone.

8. She appears flirty

Women flirt for so many reasons one of which is an attempt to gauge if you are also romantically interested in them. The general notion that flirty women are wayward and may have already been taken is not correct. A higher proportion are usually single and desperately searching.




Ask about her weekend plans, if she doesn’t hesitate in saying “she has no plans” then she is probably single.

Some women may not want to give you the impression that they are lonely. They reply “I will think about it” or “let me check” but they come back with a positive answer.

Don’t miss the question

On the first date, don’t forget to ask her. You can be indirect about it. A simple revelation about yourself for instance can do the magic. Tell her something about your past relationship and she would most certainly tell you her love story.

Be direct

After a couple of dates, no need hiding under the covers anymore. Be direct and ask her if she is single.

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