How can you tell if a man is attracted to you?

Ladies always seem to be asking this question. I bet you, the answer is never far from what you have already known.

If a man is attracted to a woman, there is very little chance that he can completely hide his feelings. He will most definitely display some signs that would give him up.


He smiles often, makes frequent eye contact, readjusts his comportment, tries to impress you and more. His outward behaviour changes to suit his feeling of attraction towards you. Not all the time though, some few men are good pretenders, for such men, it can be hard to tell.

A man may feel attracted to a woman but such feeling is wasted if she doesn’t feel the same way. Also, if there is no communication, how can one tell if someone feels attracted to them. If you are confronted with such circumstance, there is only one way out.


I don’t want to type too many words with so little meaning so let me put it straight out to you. This is 2018, if you are attracted to a man, don’t even think twice about it, go ask him out.  I know you are thinking You may get rejected, he’s probably going to get confused, quite true but it makes it much easier and lifts the heavy burden off your chest.

The fact that his eyes seem flirtatious may not necessarily mean he is interested, single or even available. In a nutshell, why put yourself through so much torture waiting for a guy that may be already married or planning to get married.

I am not trying to say you should walk up to a guy you barely know and ask for his phone number, it sure looks weird. If you don’t have such confidence or you don’t want to freak him all out, you can start from somewhere. Smile back, get close, ask for an inexpensive favour. Don’t wait on him to make the first move. A man may be very attracted to you but will never make that move for so many obvious reasons.

Some guys are pathetically shy, others simply approached the wrong women and got rejected so many times they feel reluctant to try.

Here are some signs that may suggest a guy is attracted to you

1. He stares longingly at you from across the room.

2. He tries to have a conversation.

3. He uses complimentary words while talking to you.

4. He stalks or indirectly follows you around

5. He smiles all of the time you are around.

6. He feels nervously tense when you are around.

7. He tries to comport himself and look more confident around you.

8. He goes about inquiring information about you from your friends.

9. He attempts to edge or lean towards you.

10. He does silly things to impress you.

A man who is attracted to you may do many other funny things all depending on his personality but do you really have to wait that long? 

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