Are you getting married or planning to get married any soon? There are some vital information you should know about the person you are planning to get married to before marriage. If such information is not forthcoming during your conversations then you should not hesitate to ask your fiance/fiancee what you need to know.


You may have been dating for quite a while but do you truly know them? I mean can you boast of knowing just everything about the person you hope to spend the rest of your life with?

Its almost completely impossible for a person to claim knowledge of everything about another person no matter how close they both are. This is the essence of dating and courtship before marriage.

Courtship is a process of getting to know more about the person you are dating before marriage. Marriage being a life long contract requires both parties involved to get to know each other and fully prepare their minds before getting into such a union.

Sometimes love makes people hypnotic such that they may rush into marriage. They tend to forget that any successful marriage requires understanding, which comes from getting to know everything about your significant other if possible.

Ask your fiance/fiancee these questions before getting married to them

There are certain pertinent questions you should ask your partner before getting married to or him/her. This is necessary so as to avoid quarrels, misunderstanding, health issues and also other marriage related issues in future or plan appropriately for such.


1. Ask your fiance/fiancee what their genotype is

It is common knowledge that if a person with genotype AS or AC or CC gets married to a partner who is also AS, there is a likely chance that their offspring would have sickle cell anemia. People still make this mistake at this age. Don’t work with assumptions, be certain about your fiancee’s genotype before you get married. Read more on genotype and blood groups.


2. Ask your fiance/fiancee how many kids they would love to have

Let’s say for example you planned on having 2 kids but your partner plans on having 6! Men most times are victims of this because the women are the ones who do the birth control stuffs. If you and your spouse are not on the same page, there is bound to be serious problems with your marriage.


3. Ask your fiance/fiancee if they are willing to relocate

This is one of the most important question asked by employers during interviews. Before getting married, you must discuss where you plan on settling together and raising a family. The importance of knowing this goes beyond emphasizing. If you both cannot agree to compromise just to be together, then your marriage has started failing already.


4. Ask if they are willing to have a career switch

You must have planned your life from A to Z and set targets you hope to achieve. Also being single, you have no qualms, its you and you alone. But getting married is like surrendering the freedom of making personal decisions to your spouse. For example, you don’t need a marabout to tell you that working 12 hours a day and 6days a week is going to negatively affect your marriage. You’d need to work twice as hard on your marriage to make it worth the while.


5. Ask your fiance/fiancee how they rate your family

In a typical traditional culture, two people getting married may also mean the two extended families are coming together to be one. The two families must come to agree and bless the union. In some certain climes, if the both families do not agree, the marriage cannot take place. It is important to know how your partner sees your family for your marriage life to workout perfectly.


6. Find out who will be doing the house chores after you get married

Some men especially have this kingship attitude that a woman should take care of them, feed them, wash their clothes and do all the home chores. In as much as some women have no problem being a full time housewife or working from home so that they can take care of their kids, others detest such men. As a woman, you should know the kind of husband you are getting married to. Are you going to be just his wife or he’s going to make you his cook and maid.


7. Ask your fiance/ fiancee how much debts they have (if any)

Refuse to be kept in the dark about his/her business deals especially loans they may have taken and are yet to repay. No one prays for abrupt eventualities but how can we tell if something is about to go bad. Make sure you know all about it just in case.


8. Find out what he/she considers as cheating

Everyone has his own definition of cheating in a relationship. What one person may just overlook may not be condoned by another. Simply chatting with friends on social media may arouse your partner’s suspicion. To someone else, it is normal to keep contact with acquaintances on-line. Find out what your partner classifies as cheating so as not to offend his/her sensibilities.


9. Ask your fiance/fiancee why they want to get married to you

These days People get married for so many different reasons. For some its just the green card or citizenship, to others marriage is only a formality ‘I too was once married’. Some people marry to have children and others for love. Find out the true reason your partner wants to get married to you to avoid sorry tales in future.

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