Internet surfing has become an addiction for many. More importantly, the use of the social media. Some people constantly update personal details that should have been kept private on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

There is every need to be cautious on the information we post in public spaces especially on social media.


Facebook for instance has become the Google of all social networks. Almost everyone who has access to the Internet visits Facebook more than once everyday. We post details about ourselves not minding who is looking at such information.

Here are some personal details you should never make public

1. Your date of birth

Your date of birth is often tied to your accounts. It can be used by any criminal to steal your identity. Make sure your privacy settings are set to not show such vital information or better still use a different date.

2. The level of your success

You may be tempted to encourage others using yourself as an example by sharing your success story. Remember, not everyone feels happy about your success. Also, your competitors and criminals are watching you keenly.

3. Your future life plans

It is good to dream and believe in your dreams but if your dreams does not involve everyone else, then you don’t have to share every detail about it on social media.

4. Your relationship status

There is this saying that when couples are having it all good in a relationship, we all know but when it goes bad, its no longer for public consumption. Sharing details about your relationship on social media makes it open for everyone to comment and judge your private life. These judgements can have serious negative influence on your relationship.

4. Details about your spouse/ boyfriend or girlfriend

People love to gossip a lot.Everyone has a secret story they never tell just anyone. Also, there is someone who knows a part of that story. You cannot claim to know your partner one hundred percent whereas someone knows something you don’t know about them. If you make your relationship public, you must be ready to receive the good and the bad else your relationship may never be thesame again.

Also, when you make it public that you are in a relationship with someone, you make yourself so vulnerable anyone can use them to get to you.

6. Your account balance credit cards and banking information

I don’t know why people do this but it is such an unwise thing to do.

7. Home address

What business should anyone who is not a close friend or relative have coming to your home. Sharing your home address on social media opens the gateway for criminals to easily get to you. If you are a woman, you are at a higher risk. You never know who may be stalking you, could even be some lunatic.

8. Your exact location at every particular time

Be mindful that some applications you use can track your location to wherever you are and add to your personal profile or the pictures you upload. You must not share your location for people to know exactly where you are. Some people are also fond of sharing their exact location on social updates. This makes it easy for just anyone to find you at anytime, even a criminal.

9. Information about friends they should have shared themselves

Do not expose your friends by sharing information about them especially the type of information they could have shared by themselves but did not. Everyone has his own social life. By sharing such information, you may be infringing on their social privacy.

10. Personal problems

You don’t own all the problems in this world so quit complaining. Complaining makes you appear immature. People see you as someone who is not capable of handling responsibilities effectively.

11. Personal attraction toward a person

It is normal to feel s3+ually attracted to someone. Feelings of attraction to a person should be expressed to that person and not the public. If you find it too hard to express yourself, it is better to let it be than going on the media.

12. Work related Information

What happens at work stays at work. Issues, disagreements and politics related to work places should be addressed at work places and not on the social media.


The rest of the points below are more of security tips.

Never share;

1. Pictures of your identity card.

2. Your daily or weekly itinerary.

3. Your phone number or cellular contact details.

4. The car you drive.

5. Information about your family.

6. Unverified Political tirades.

7. Information about your family.

8. Information about your assets.

9. Extreme social or political or religious views.

10. Disagreement with your significant other.