Many years ago when I was much younger, I was very inquisitive about how the universe came into existence through the words G0D uttered, which made the reality called “NATURE”, I was also inquisitive about the nature and existence of mankind and life itself. Growing up, I learnt that Life which is as a result of the ‘force of nature’ is indeed a mystery and how it came to existence purely metaphysical and beyond the grasp of human intellectual and intuitive capabilities. For this reason, my energy was poised on trying to understand the human psychology, relate with, and understand the POWER of the MIND coupled with requests for G0d to grant me the psychological abilities and telepathy to know exactly what people are thinking. All to no avail, those childish prayers never came to pass, until the advent of social media.

The social media have come with many advantages. Interacting with people on social media is a very interesting experience. I have learnt much more about human psychology and behaviour on social media in a short span of five years than my over twenty years on the outside world.

Facebook for instance have been my greatest tutor. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg for bringing to us this brilliant concept. It is through Facebook that I have come to understand people better, as it provides a sneak-peek into the innermost minds of people; how they think and why they think that way. Recently, public opinion via social media is gradually replacing opinion polls as the results collected are very similar. That is to say that with social media, one does not need any magic wand or special psychic ability to decipher the views and positions of our present day youth on pertinent issues of our future and development as a people.

‘Nigeria is in a bad situation’. Every youth understands that. The first question now is, how do we surmount our challenges and make this country better? If I am asked this question, the answer is simple. Revolution! An Ethical Revolution; A complete change from our haphazard way of doing things. Can we do it? No! we cannot, if all we do is bicker, complain and rail insults on each other through social media rather than discuss issues that directly affect us and YES, if we take our destiny into our hands, make vital sacrifices, unite and together fight the oppressor.

The 2015 elections which were characterized by chants of “change” is now history. May 29 2017 marked exactly two years in office of the new government. For some, there has been tremendous progress while others argue that in the last two years, no progress has been made.

The 2019 elections are already at the corner, refreshed political ideologies are beginning to emerge “zoning” “change the change” “not too young to run” Contestants have already started the usual scheming and manipulations. For some of these people, it is a ‘do or die’, elections are a must win. Many have been tested before through the office  positions they have held in the past and have failed woefully by every standard or are still currently failing. Rather than honourably take a bow and apologize to the masses, they still seek to impose themselves on the people. More troubling is the fact that these are the people who enjoy more support from the poor impoverished masses especially the youth. One would wonder why it is so.

Judging from comments of people and opinions on social media, there are clearly five groups.


Those who always pitch tent with the winning team

The first group believe in the winning team. They always follow and support whoever they think has a better chance of success irrespective of the person’s credibility or mode in which he is going to succeed. There is this saying that ‘if you cannot beat them, you join them’. To this group of people, leaders are appointed by G0d and even if they perform below expectation, it’s still in line with G0d’s design. They believe all political office holders achieve one or more monumental successes during their days in office and hence focus more on what they should gain from the system. They engage in sycophancy and mudslinging and are usually bitter when confronted with opposing superior views. Argue with these people and you become their enemy.



The Social media spectators 

I call them the ‘i siddon de look’. They believe politics is for the scum; the retards, agberos, corrupt and dirty-minded. They refuse to engage in the political process believing that votes never count and the cabal always have their way in the end. Some actually feel that politics have no impact on their personal lives.



The blind followers or anti-Progressives

Another group of people are the ‘blind followers’. I must say this group constitute a very large chunk. They care not about the credibility or credence of the person they support but see governance as a ‘chop make we chop’ arrangement. Sentiment are key in their assessing of candidates; religion, ethnicity, age, gender, family and friendship. They always complain about unfavoured zoning and disruption of zoning arrangement.



The social media wailers

There is another large chunk, the “wailing wailers”. These people see nothing right about government. They keep jumping from pillar to post criticizing all government program. Social media news recently captured a group of  users who were mounting pressure on a certain state governor who they said is constructing roads when workers are owed salaries, the governor replied by telling them that he was not elected to pay only Salaries and everyone went haywire. The fact still remains that the governor was logically correct. Recently, politicians vying for office have  also found a shortcut to campaigning. They keep going about the rhetoric of  a failed government, using our emotion to seek attention. They fail to posit a solution and we forget to ask. We end up electing these same unprepared people into office and the cycle continues.



The progressives and  silent progressives 

This is the last group. The progressives are less emotional and outspoken while the silent progressives can be so very emotional but the difference between them and those of the first group is, they deliberately decline speaking out, commenting or expressing their own views on any subject, rather they result to using the ‘like’ post to support other person’s views which are similar to theirs. They are open minded but they get bitter too when they perceive that a post or comment is borne out of bias. They can easily be bullied to keep silent.


From my viewpoint, people need a complete change of mentality about democracy and governance. In a democratic setting, the state is similar to a business enterprise. The masses are the owners or shareholders. Take the Nigerian state as an illustrative example. The Nigerian masses are the owners of the state and the federal government is the management team headed by the president. The contract of management is subject to renewal after every four years. The contract can also be terminated at any time if there is a breach in the terms under which it was signed (in this case resignation or impeachment). In this contract, the constitution is the guide or ‘charter’ all the parties should adhere to.

People in government at all levels should be answerable to the people. They should never forget that the country belongs to the masses. The ultimate power in a democracy should be vested in ‘the people’ and not the government. We got it all wrong right from the start. The masses must demand accountability at all levels of governance and if the leaders fail, take appropriate action to impeach or recall them if need be.

According to Alan Moore:
“People should not be afraid of their government, rather the Governments should be afraid of their people”

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